Circle the correct words
1) i have got three invitations\invitation`s to parties\party`s next week/
2) whose shoes\shoe`s/
3)emmas\ emma`s brother always takes binoculars\binocular`s on his holidays\holiday`s.
4)these theatre ticets\ticet`s are your sister\sister`s
5)my parents\parent`s dont take photos\photo`s of animals\animal`s
6) my friends\friend`s parents\parent`s are doctors\doctor`s
7)can i see your pictures\picture`s of yourgrandfathers\grandfathe`s party


Ответы и объяснения

1 invitations parties
2 shoes
3 emma's binoculars holidays
4 tickets sister's
5 parents photos animals
6 friend's parents doctors
7 pictures grandfather's