Написать 10 предложений с глаголом have to, и ещё 10 с глаголом must.....пожалуйста помогитеее


Ответы и объяснения

I must go to school because it is my responsibility.
Pupils must listen to the teacher.
He must go to his work or he will be fired.
They told me that I must do that.
Must-it is a modal verb.
You had to work more seriously.
You had to read fluently.
He had to do it.
You must respect your parents.
It must be cold outside.
You must not go there.
Must I learn it by heart?
You must work hard on your English.
You must not talk at the lessons.
I had to do a lot of homework yesterday.
I have to see him.
Pete had to stay at home.
We had to learn a big poem.