Помогите написать сочинение про достопримечательности Америки, пожалуйста очень надо:-*

могу написать про доспримечательности Нью-Йорка, но не Америки в целом. Нужно?
ну давай
ну пожалуйста кто сможет написать мне это сочинение напишите мне через 1 час надо отнести(((
ниже смотри,перевел

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Tourism is an important part of life in modern America . Every year millions of tourists from all over the world come to the United States : one - to look at New York City from the observation deck of the Empire State Building and see some classic musical on Broadway , someone - sunbathing on the sandy beaches of Florida , someone - reckless plunge into the nightlife of Las Vegasa.Nyu York, Los Angeles, Miami ... these people know the city in almost all countries mira.Takie Attraction U.S. as the Statue of Liberty , Avenue of Stars in Hollywood have long been symbols for millions of people of the United States . almost impossible to tell you about all the attractions of the United States of America - and it skyscrapers and monuments , and museums , and national parks , nature reserves, and educational institutions , and research centers , and casinos , and much, much, much more ...