РЕБЯТ ПОМОГИТЕ!!!!!надо Say what you know about Pamela Travers,the author of Mary Poppins.Use the Cultural quide if necessary.Плиззз

Born in the town of Maryborough, Australia, Queensland. Parents were Bank managing Travers Robert Goff and Margaret Agnes. Her father died when she was seven years old. She began writing with childhood - she wrote short stories and plays for school plays, and brothers and sisters entertained magical stories. Her poems were published when she was twenty she was writing for the Australian journal of The Bulletin.
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Mary Poppins was born in Maryborough - Australia , Queensland. Parents were bank manager Travers Robert Goff (Travers Robert Goff) and Margaret Agnes (Margaret Agnes), before her marriage - Morehead (Morehead). Her father died when she was seven years old . Officially, the cause of her father's death was found " epileptic seizure delirium » (epileptic seizure delirium), but the Travers " always believed that the real reason was prolonged heavy drinking ."  Disney film "Mary Poppins " was released in 1964 ( the main role - Mary Poppins - played by actress Julie Andrews ) . The film was nominated for "Oscar" 13 nominations and won five awards . In the Soviet Union in 1983, was released the film " Mary Poppins , Goodbye ."
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