Answer the questions. Use the works in brackets and "for" or "ago".
Ответьте на вопросы. Используйте слова в скобках "for" или "ago".
a) (5 days) when did Dmitry''s friend arrive in Astana?
b) (5 days) how long has he been in Astana?
c) (3 years) how long has your friend been learning English?
d) (3 years) when did he start learning English?
e) (an hour) what time did you start your lunch?
f) (an hour) how long have you been eating your lunch?


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Dmitry's friend  arrived in Astana 5 days ago.
He has been in Astana for 5 days.
My friend has been learning English fo 3 years
He started learning English 3 years ago
I started eating  my lunch an hour ago
I have been eating my lunch for an hour