Кто хорошо знает анг.,напишите мне плииз!
Report the sentences:
1.Marius said , "what were you celebrating when i came in?"
2.Marcus said ,"where will you celebrate your Golden Junilee?"
3.Anna said ," i am sure we will have a nice time at the party tomorrow"
4.Sanda said,"i will be receiving guests at this time tomorrow"
5.Denis said,"my father was born in 1980"
помогите , хотя бы несколько напишите..!


Ответы и объяснения

1) Marius asked what I was selebrating when he came in.
2) Marius asked where I would celebrate my Golden Jubilee.
3) Anna said that she was sure [that] we would have a nice time at the party the next day.
4) Sanda said that she would be receiving guests at that time the next day.
5) Denis said that his father had been born in 1980.