помогите составить не большой разказ про любимый фильм. срочно!! зарание благодарю!!!


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My favorite film is "Harry Potter. I like all parts of this film. I think that it is the best one and all children and adults love Harry.

There are many computer drawings and special effects in this film.

"Harry Potter" is a very interesting fantasy novel about magicians. But we can see friendship and love in it.

I can watch "Harry Potter" again and again. I watched each of eight films with great interest.

This film teaches us much, I advice all people to watch it.

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I like watching a films. And my favourite film is " Avatar", directed by James Cameron.

To tell the Truth, I have not seen anything more interesting and exciting in my life.The  film descibes the events of the year 2154.The story it advances the idea of care  for living beings and the nature as the only way to survive for the whole planet. It shows how cruel people may be. So everyone can make parallels to the ecological situation on the Earth and the way people treat it.

To my point of view? this film is great!