Помогите пожалуйста срочно!! нужно составить к данным предложениям вопросы!

1. There are some new buildings in my town.
2. Somebody has taken my pen.
3. I may have everything I want.
4. He has some pens in his pencil-box.
5.She saw everything with ger own eyes.
6.Somebody is there.
7. Nobody helped him.
8. I don't have anything for breakfast.
9. There were some apples on there.
10. Everybody can answer this questions.
11. We didn't buy any vegetables.
12. Evereybody wanted to play football.
13. Somebody phoned you yesterday.
14. Nobody saw this lady.
15. He doesn't want anything to eat.

задание вот - Write Yes\No questions? всё правильно?

Ответы и объяснения

1. How many buildings are in your town?
2. Who Has taken your pen?
3. What do may have?
4. What does he have in his pencil box?
5. What did she see? 
6. Who is here?
7. Why did nobody help him?
8. Why do you haven`t anything for breakfast?
9. Where were some apples?
10. Who can answer this question?
11. why did we not buy any vegetables?
12. Who did want to play football?
13. Who did phone you yesterday?
14. Why did nobody see that lady?
15. Why does he not want anything to eat?
задание вот - Write Yes\No questions? всё правильно?