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ugansk is the administrative center of the Luhansk region . Well-known fact that the Lugansk geographically favorably located on the eastern border of Ukraine with Russia , its immediate neighbor friendly . Our city is located on the northern slopes of the Donets Ridge , River Valley Lugan . Lugansk - not only a beautiful city with lots of parks, squares and monuments of culture, but also one of the largest industrial cities in Ukraine . For example, Lugansk Locomotive Plant supplied locomotives throughout the former Soviet Union and is known in many countries abroad. Lugansk also famous for its universities and institutes - VUGU , LGMU . KVN our city repeatedly won and became famous in all CIS countries . Lugansk is also home to many famous people. One of them is Vladimir Dahl - the author of "Dictionary of the Russian Language " and one of the closest friends of Alexander Pushkin.We love our city , so it was very interesting to know some historical facts about the people who lived in these places before. It turned out that the territory of Luhansk region began to settle around a hundred thousand years ago. In the area of ​​the farm Kolesnikova ( Stanichno- Luhansk region) , the village of Krasny Yar (border Lugansk ) uncovered parking early Paleolithic man . In the village of Petrovka Stanichno Luhansk district the parking late Paleolithic age is about 14 thousand years. More populated area in the region was 1 thousand . e . Here lived the Iranian-speaking agricultural tribes . In the VII millennium BC. e . in the region lived warlike nomads : Cimmerians, Scythians and Sarmatians . In the I millennium BC . e in our region lived Alans - descendants of the Sarmatians , Bulgars - Turkic tribes . Alana and Bulgarians created a unified culture in the Northern Black Sea coast , left in our region remains of hundreds of settlements , some of which covered an area of several tens of hectares. Then the Seversky Donets basin settled Turkic nomads : Pechenegs , Turks, Cumans . In the first half of the XIII century. these lands captured Tatars . With them they raided the Ukrainian and Russian land.But all this - the legends of antiquity. As old as the tradition that we respect and remember . For example, October 12, 1980 for the first time celebrated the Day of Luhansk city , which has now become a tradition. It is celebrated annually in September . But life does not stand still . Many foreign guests our city receives annually . And he is also twinned with Lugansk many foreign cities. This Cardiff ( UK), Saint-Etienne (France), Pernik (Bulgaria ) , Sekeshfe - Hervar (Hungary), Lublin ( Poland) and Dantsin (China) . Wherever people come to us - we are always happy to see everyone in our hometown !