Вот задание:Complete the sentences with the correct formsВот задание:Complete the sentences with the correct forms of the verbs.
1.When he came home he____(to read)an interesting story about the animals.
2.Kate entered the class room when John____(to stand)at the blackboard.
3.When his mother returned home he____already(to do)his home exercises.
4.Asel liked to listen to pop-music when she____(to be)younger.
5.She did not sleep when her brother____(to play)the piano.
6.When she came to his home she not____(to know)that he____(to leave)for Astana.
7.Aidar told us that he___(to invite)us to his birthday party in January.
8.My sister promised that she____(to finish)her work in two days.
9.He asked me if I____(to live)in Paris 2 years before.


Ответы и объяснения

Was standing
Have already done
did not know, left
Will invite
Will finish
Вроде бы так))