Complete the sentences with don't have to and doesn't have to.
Use:take, go, water,make,get up
Example:Alice,you ... the parrot.I have already given the pet some feed.----Alice,you don't have to feed the parrot.
1.Mum ... shopping.Dad has already bought fruit and vegetable.
2.The boy ... early in the mornings.His lessons begin at 2 pm.
3.The children ... the homework for tomorrow.They are going to the museum.
4.The student ... any exams this year.He'll have them next year.
5.You ... a cake.I have bought a tasty apple pie.
Dad ... the plants.My brother watered them in the morning.

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Ответы и объяснения

1. Mum does not have to go shopping.
2. The boy does not have to get up early.
3. The children do not have to do.
4. The stident does not have to take.
5. You do not have to make.
6. Does not have to water. 

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