Use the verbs in the past perfect.Используйте глаголы в past perfec.
1) Fortunately, when the volcano started to erupt, all the people______ the village.
The damage was serious but no one was killed.(leave/already)
2)When I came into the office, the radio stations______ the warning of the earth-quake-the people were leaving the building in a hurry.(broadcast/already).
3)When we came back to the village we couldn recognzine the place-the tornado_____ most of the houses and the village was in ruins.(destroy)
4)When the journalists arrived to the place of the catastrophe, the emergency workers_______ the rescue operation. They were busy searching for survivors( start/already)
5) According to the report, the boat______ by 4 p.m. The rescuers went there immediately.(disappear)
6) The hurricane___ by the morning. The sky cleared up and everyone saw the devastating results of the disaster.(stop)
7)The flood the people by surprise.Nobody______________ them of the coming water.(warn)


Ответы и объяснения

1)have leaved
2)has broadcasted
3)has destroyed
4)have started
5)has disappeared
6)has stopped
7)has warned