Помогите пожалуйста. Даю много балов.
Work in groups. Think of a popular folk tale in your country. Tell another group.
What is it about?
Who are the main characters?
What happens in the story?
What moral values does the text suggest?


Ответы и объяснения

Работа в группах. Подумайте о популярной народной сказки в вашей стране. Расскажи другой группе. О чем это? Кто главные герои? Что происходит в этой истории? Какие моральные ценности есть в тексте? Ну как то так :)
Winter evening in the village, and three sisters are sitting at yarn. Senior and middle boast of their beauty, and the youngest is silent. For gentleness iskromnost sisters consider her a fool and make work for themselves. Dreams of how each she would be if the king married her.
Senior boasts of the feast, the average - alone weave webs all over the world, and the youngest has promised to give birth to the Tsar a brave son. Who has been standing at the window of Tsar Saltan. He enters the room and announces his decision to live in the palace of the three, the eldest as cook, the second - the weaver and the youngest - the Tsar's wife
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