Поставьте глаголы в скобках в нужную видо-временную форму.
1. He (be) here for two hours by the time you (come) back. 2. «It (be) very late.» –
«They (be) back soon.» 3. «There (be) no planes tonight.» – «Never mind, I (go) by
train.» 4. You (be) angry if I (talk) to you about it? 5. By the time you (finish) cook-
ing they (do) their work. 6. «I (be) afraid, my train (leave) by that time.» –
«(not/worry) I (drive) you home.» 7. I hope it (stop) snowing by tomorrow morning.
8. If you (think) it over you (see) I am right. 9. If you (not/take) a taxi, you (be) late.
By the time you (get) to the first act (be) over and you (miss) the most interesting


Ответы и объяснения

1.was,came 2.will be, will be 3.is, will go 4.will be, talk 5.finish, will do 6.am, left, don't worry, drive 7. stopping, 8. think, will see 9. don't take, will be, get, is, miss