Write why you enjoy reading books and what genres of literature you're fond of.Use the word combinations : to tell somebody about the surrounding world, to develop artistic taste, to broaden somebody's outlook, to entertain,to give information, to provide somebody with facts about life in the past, to perfect the real life, to focus somebody's attention on something.

помогите составить текст. Срочно нужно. Заранее огромное спасибо) И обязательно с теми словами ,которые даны в задании.


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The book has always occupied a huge meso in human life. In childhood we listened bedtime stories that my mother read in school textbook became our assistant. In his free time a person reads novels, detective stories of modern writers , classical works and more. So why do you need to read? The question is simple and at the same time very complex .Often the person who reads a lot , talk with special reverence and respect. Read person can maintain a conversation about literature, music and painting , many other things around us . Talk about human spirituality . Her he also , oddly enough , takes from the books. The concept of good and evil is hidden in the pages of all kinds of books, real books , reading that , you can say that I have read the "life" .Not many people think about the presence of books in my life. Now almost no people who read these books, and meaningful living . Yes and talented authors now hard to find.The book - a source of knowledge , an assistant and a friend. It can have a big impact on your destiny and deeds. Therefore, it is necessary to read the book , and read consciously and coming to understand every word. Wrote S. MikhalkovHow would we live without books .We are friends with the printed word ,If it were not for him,Neither the old nor the newWe did not know anything b !Learn, understand , comprehend , we can through books . Read, read ! This is a useful exercise . In reading reveals the soul , life is filled with meaning and heart pounding , knowing its purpose.