Write true sentences about yourself . Use the following word combinations : never , often , at the weekend , in the evering , aften dinner , usually , already , at lunchtime ; to wash up , to cook , to help cooking , to eat vegetables , to have something for the main course, to drink , to make , to buy .
3. 4.


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1. I usually wake up at 6am everyday.
2. After dinner I am doing my homework.
3. At the weekend I have two English lessons.
4. Usually I'm eating my lunch at school.
5. I like to make cupcakes at the weekends.
6. My favorite drink is orange juice.
7. I always help my mum at cooking almost everyday.
8. In the evening at 7pm there's my favorite program is starting.
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 We have already bought some food for dinner.
I have never cooked vegetable soap.
We often
eat vegetables in summer and autumn.
At the weekend I help my mother cooking dinner.
As a rule, aften dinner
we wash up.
At lunchtime they have something for the main course.
In the evering
I drink hot milk.
My mother usually makes an apple pie on Sunday.