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Ingredients for "Apple pie with apples":

Egg - 4 PCs
Sugar - 1 Cup.
Flour - 1 Cup.
Apple - 5 PCs
Butter - 20 g
Powdered sugar
Beat eggs, gradually adding sugar and vanilla. Then slowly add the flour and continue whisking until the formation of the air mass, like a thick cream. Peel the apples from the skin, mode cubes, you can thin slices. Form (preferably round, with large boards), grease butter oil. At the bottom of the form put apples (for those who loves you can sprinkle with cinnamon), if you cut slices, they can be put in the form of a flower and in the middle for example put apricot or cherry. Pour the prepared dough apples and put in the oven, preheated to 250 degrees for about 25 to 30 minutes Once you've got Apple pie from the oven, turn it over, together with a form on a dish, and the very form of the cover with a wet towel and leave to rise for a time minutes, so Charlotte keep shape and well depart from the edges. After Charlotte has cooled slightly, sprinkle with her powdered sugar.

APRICOT MARMALADE(Conserva di albicocche)Use good and ripe apricots. It is a mistake to believe that jam or marmalade can be obtained with any kind of fruit. Take off  the stones, put them on the fire without water and while they boil, stir with a ladle to reduce them to pulp. When they have boiled for about half an hour, rub them through a sieve to separate the pulp of the fruit from the skins that are to be thrown away, then put them back on the fire with granulated sugar in the proportion of eight tenths, that is to say eight pounds (фунтов;1 фунт = 453,6 г) of sugar for ten pounds of apricot pulp. Stir often with the ladle until the mixture acquires the firmness of marmalade (пока смесь не приобретет консистенцию джема), which will be known by putting from time to time a teaspoonful in a plate and seeing that it flows slowly.When ready, remove from the fire, let it cool, and then put in vases well covered and with a film of paraffin or tissue paper dipped in alcohol, so that the air may not pass in.