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Скажи пожалуйста какой у тебя учебник английского языка и какая это часть

1)I have not decided what I want to do down the road I do not have a specific vocation and talent 2)I'm afraid I can not go to university, I would have to go to work. 3)My parents have retired, I have the most to earn a living 4)His father worked in construction, he also decided to get a profession stroitelya.ego took in students, he received training while working.5)He wanted to go to work in his father's bank, but first we have to get qualified for the job.
сейчас ещё напишу просто не вместилась
6) I read the advertisement in the newspaper about the work in the trade firme.Oni take uchenikov.Ya hochyu apply for this job.7)I am attracted to work medsestry.Ya want to go to medical school 8)We had lessons in school typing and shorthand courses, we were taught as paperwork. I think I can bft secretary in a small firm.
9)As soon as I see an ad in the newspaper that require Secretary, I will send my documents Кажется всё если что не правильно, прости.
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