сочинение на аглийском языке формат а4 или чуть меньше на тему Special Day


Ответы и объяснения


For many, the most important day of birth day of the year. This is not surprising. After birthday - this is the only festival in the center of attention of which is you and only you. In the morning you wake up and realize that today a special morning and afternoon will be special because on that day you was born, first saw the sun, the sky, my mother's eyes. Congratulate you, give gifts, come to visit friends, parents are allowed to do whatever you want. You can lie in bed until you get bored, and no one will force you to clean up the room. And how could it be otherwise? For you today - especially, but because everything has to be as much as you want ... What do you want on this day? A lot of gifts? Idle? Or do those who are with you on this day, just as happy as you yourself? Help, for example, to prepare the birthday cake, clean the room. After all, today you will come to your friends who love and respect you.

And you also must show respect for them and found they were not sleepy in bed in the room where they will have nowhere to sit because of the scattered books, and in the retracted and light room, light, and how your mood, as well as yourself. And meeting friends, you will not forget that the role of the celebrant not only gives you the right to be special in that day, but requires to be a true master. And who is the real owner? He friendly, attentive, considerate and friendly. And when my mother will give treats to the table, her eyes are not tired from the time spent in the kitchen, and happy. Sitting down with friends at the table, you will not forget to invite the parents. His birthday and they make you prazdnuesh and should always be aware of this. And then you can have fun with friends and, in fact Birthday - is first and foremost fun.

And you will know that on this particular day, you do not become conceited because of its "features", and made close to you people a little happier. So, you were born not in vain, and your birthday is really - is special.