1. How did Sara lose her bag ? – She ….. home from work and left it on the bus.

a) traveled b) was traveling c) travel d) would travel

2. She ….. to stay at home and study.

a) must b) can c) should d) ought

3. I need these shoes on Saturday …… they ….. ready by then ?

a) Should…are b) Will…be c) Do… -- d) Do…are

4. I'd like to see this film s soon as it …. out.

a) will come b) is going to come c) comes d) came

5. What …. you do if someone tried to rob you in the street?

a) would b) will c) have d) are going

6. I´ll phone you if I …. to go out tonight.

a) decided b) will decide c) would decide d) decide

7. Oh no! I've forgotten Marcel's address. I knew I …. it down.

a) could have wrote b) should have written c) would write d) have wrote

8. It's not necessary to show your passport.= You … show your passport.

a) can b) shouldn’t c) don’t have to d) ought to

9. To usually do something. Choose the best alternative .

a) Prefer b) tend c) deny d) tent

10. An imprecise number, more than a few , but not a lot. Choose the best alternative .

a) normal b) couple c) several d) less

11. Can you …. me about this appointment?

a) forget b) remember c) remind d) recognize

12. When people …. married they become a husband and wife.

a) come b) go c) get d) take

13. Which word is different ?

a) huge b) enormous c) terrific d) gigantic


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