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2. America made him famous. 3. His childhood wasn't very happy. 4. He had one brother. 5. He started to work when he was nine. 6. He is famous for his "Little Tramp", a funny little baggy trousers and a small bowler hat. Поиск предложений 2. Chaplin's mother got ill.
D.  1. Песня,которую мы слушали,была хороша. 2.  Пока отдыхали (не приходили),они ждали туристов. 3. К несчастью,он не получил подарок,на который он надеялся.
О знаменитых россиянах 
I would like that Russian people's portraits have should to hung out in Russian National portrait gallery. First, there has hung Simeon Uvarov's portrait, the president of the Russian Academy of Sciences. Secondly, there has to be hung out Stepan Krasheninnikov's portrait, the traveler and the researcher of Siberia and Kamchatka. Also in gallery has to hang Leonti Magnitskogo's portrait, the author of the textbook "Arithmetics". Since Pavel I, Alexander I and Decembrists are historical figures, there has to be hung  portrait of writer Dmitry Merezhkovsky, the author of the trilogy devoted to outstanding historical events - the play "Pavel I" and novels "Alexander I" and "December 14th". First of all, in National gallery has to be hung out Alexander Kolchak's portrait, the Russian admiral and one of heads of white movement. 
Сочиняя предложения,я использовала том Аванта + о великих людях. Если хочешь,напиши о тех знаменитых россиянах,о каких сама захочешь. Правда,я одно предложение не нашла о Чаплине.