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"Does medical testing on animals do more good than harm? express your point of view"
Кому не сложно!(
Хотя бы 10-12 предложений!


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It brings harm to an animal favor - man. Since every individual has a higher value than each individual animal, such experiments are useful, although may include sIMHO, a better test than none at all. But it would be better if the tests were carried out on humans. So it would be faster and more secure. There have already been cases where animal testing is successful, but the people taking the drug harmed.
So it would be better if it was tested on humans.ome necessary evil.
sIMHO - а это что такое?)
тест такой есть для животных вроде как.
так и называется
tested on humans.ome necessary evil.

и вот это хотела спросить) немного не поняла)
а вообще умничка, отличное сочинение)
спасибо)рада помочь