только про диснейлэнд?
не, про все

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2. You should go to Black Rock Beach, it’s just perfect place for windsurfing.
3. I strongly advise you not to go swimming in Sunset beach; the water is really deep there.
4. The best thing to do is to go to island, I recommend you doing it in September for it would be less crowded.
5. It’s worth going to Cairo, there are so many thing to see. 
1 I strongly advise you to visit Disneyland as it's fun for the whole family.
2 The best thing you can do is to go to Black Rock Beach as it's perfect for windsurfing.
3 I strongly advise you not to swim on Sunset Beach as the water is deep there.
4 It's worth going to the island in September: that time it's less crowded.
5. you really should go to Cairo as there are many things worth to see..