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Magellan Portuguese origin. Place of his birth is debatable, the principal authors indicate as such the city Саброза (Vila real), but maybe he was born in the city of Porto. About the family of the seafarer also little is known, in particular, the fact that she belonged to the nobility. It is supposed, that his father was Rui or Rodrigo di Magalhães, the former one time алькальдом fortress Aveiro. Have Alda where Mosquito (Мишкита). In addition to the Magellan they had four children. About their life is not known. In his youth Magellan was a page to the Queen Leonor Ависской, the wife of Juan II.
In 1498 by the Portuguese was opened a sea route to India. After Vasco da Gama from Portugal became go squadron for the squadron to conquer the East. In 1505, when sending a squadron of Viceroy Francisco Almeida seafarers was not enough. Some chiefs did not know which was right and left hand. Then to the right Board of the ship was tied garlic, and to the left onion and commanded by the principle of «hay and straw». In this expedition as соберсалинте (сверхштатного warrior) participated and Magellan.