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What is the name of the
tallest peak in Canada?
It is located in western Canada,
near Alaska.
Choose one of the countries and give arguments as you
were a travel agent why it is worth visiting (8-10 sentences).


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      Are you planning to go on a vacation? Looking forward to something unusual and astonishing? Then your next destination is Canada. Why? It is second largest country in the world with one of the strongest economies, and it definitely can offer you enormous number of sightseeings. You can start with Toronto. The capital’s population is so diverse that it makes the city one of the largest internationally-inhibited capitals in the world, and you will be amazed by seeing so many different (in many ways) people while walking along Toronto’s streets. Another great point for visiting Canada is for Quebec, French-speaking province. The spirit of the city, cultural identity of people living there can be easily seen in Art galleries of the city. If you are into modern Art than Quebec is definitely your choice! Also, Canada is famous for its hokey accomplishments – and here such cities as Vancouver or Calgary host biggest championships in hokey. Be lucky enough to experience the atmosphere of the game with your very eyes. If you are still unsure whether you want to visit Canada or not – just don’t hesitate and you will never regret a trip to this breath-taking country!