Вы находитесь на каикулах (настоящих или выдуманных).Напишите письмо вашему другу. Напишите о: 1)транспорте 2)погоде 3)достопремечательности . С переводом.


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Hi James!
How are you? How do you have in your country of affairs? We have a lot of new cars ...
They are so cool! And also we have new avtobusy.Mozhno easy and simple to move the bus to the load, and even very cheap! By the way we do it snowed! So cool ... We ride on a sled, skis! We go to the rink and skating ... One girl fell on her and accidentally drove her! He drove so because riding with all his might .... And what are your sights? We all stroyutsya stroyutsya and many museums, mosques and apartment buildings. Well my mother calls me, bye! Write! See you soon!