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One of the most famous works of Eugene N. Shirokov is a picture of "Friends." On this painting depicts a boy and a dog. In the center of the picture is a boy, dressed in a blue T-shirt, gray pants, blue socks and brown sandals. He sits on the red dog and litter near the one hand is gently stroking her. From the picture it is clear that their relationship is very warm, gentle and friendly .A dog lies nearby on the same litter. She has a very beautiful coal-black hair, cast reflections of health care and a good host. It was only her legs are very funny, as if wearing white socks. Center foreground picture takes its sweet muzzle. And one ear elevated, as if he listens carefully to the words of the young master. On the boy's face shows sadness, he said something to his friend. From the painting shows that faithful friend the boy knows how to listen and support at the right time .The background is blurred picture, there is nothing there. The author thus showed that in these moments of empathy and understanding between friends, there's nothing around is more important than full support best friend. The painting was very sensual and heartfelt. She is very bright transfers heat of the relationship between true friends. Reveals the inner depth of understanding of each other and has to be open and selflessness of the relationship between friends.


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