Ann:Do you like travelling?

BilhYes, I like travelling very much. It is my hobby. I always take my camera with me

and take pictures of everything that interests me: the ruins of ancient buildings, the sights

of cities, views of mountains, lakes, valleys, waterfalls and even animals and birds.

Ann: What countries have you visited?

Bill:Well, I have been to Italy, Greece, Russia and India. Some day I will go to the

United States. My cousin lives there. She has invited me several times already. When I

have enough money, I will go to the States.

Ann:I have never been to any of these countries. When were you in Russia?

Bill:Two years ago.

Ann:Did you go there alone?

Bill:No, I went there with my father. We visited Moscow and St Petersburg, the most

beautiful cities of Russia.

Ann:I have always wanted to travel to other countries, but I haven't had the opportunity. I

went to Germany in my childhood, but I haven't been anywhere since then


Ответы и объяснения

1.What Bill always takes with him?(camera)
2.Where was Bill?(Italy, Greece, Russia and India)
3.Where live Bill's cousins
?(In United States)
4.When was Bill in Russia?(2 years ago)
5.With him Bill went to Russia?(With his father)
6.Where was Ann?(German)
7.When was Ann in German?(In her childhood)
8.Did she go there again?(No.)
9.Who talked in this dialoge?(Ann and Bill)
10.What is Bill's hobby?(Painting)
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