It is believed that all the factors mentioned above will cause the average temperatures to rise as much as 1.5C over the next 100 years. If the temperature rises that much, it will cause a lot ice near the North and South Poles to melt, marking more water go into the oceans. The process of zone depletion caused by the pollution of the air with CFCs (chlorofluorocarboons) over the Polar Regions will contribute into this process too. Many areas along the coast like Venice, New York, the Netherlands or tropical islands are very likely to get under water. The planet would never be the same without these places. The time to act is now.
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Считается, что все факторы приведенные ранее приведут к повышению средней температуры на 1,5градусовС в течении следующих 100 лет. Если температура повысится на столько, это приведет к таянию льда на северном и южном полюсах, " заставляя " большое количество воды выливаться в океаны. - первая часть...