Доповни речення одним из чотирьох вариантив и напиши видповидну литеру в квадрат

10) Downtown is the ( )

A. central part of the town / city

B. port of the town / city

C. the main street of the town / city

D. part of London

11) At Science lessons British children learn ( )

A. about nature

B. how to draw and paint

C. to do math

D. to sing

12) Great Britain is in ( )

A. Africa

B. America

C. Australia

D. Europe

13) ln England the weather is a

A. very hot

B. warm and rainy

C. rather warm

D. very cold

14) London is on the river ( )

A. Dnipro

B. Bug

C. Thames

D. Severn


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