Очень нужно! помогите! нужно написать на английском языке сочинение на тему ваш визит в зоопарк! хотя бы придумать! помогите срочно


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My visit to the zooI`m sure many people like to go to the zoo. As for me, I like to go there too, but unfortunately I go to the zoo once a year. I usually go to the zoo in spring.I think in spring the weather is fine. It`s not very hot. That`s why it`s the best time for going to the zoo.When we come to the zoo my brother and I run to the giraffe and give him bread. It`s very interesting to look at him, his behaviour.You can see in the zoo: lions, tigers, panthers, monkeys and other animals. Monkeys are very funny and clever animals.There are different kinds of fishes in the zoo. But most of all I was surprised to see a very big fish.I hope I`ll to go to the zoo soon.
When I was younger, I loved visiting the local zoo. All the animals seemed to be mysterious and happy, each in it's own way. I couldn't stop thinking about where they came from, what they did in the wild and what they ate. I would look at the huge, gleaming teeth of the lions and tigers and imagine their power and might and be in awe of them completely. The crocodiles would sleep peacefully in the sunshine, seemingly harmless, but their lean, muscular bodies gave a scary reminder of their power. 
However, one area of the zoo held a special fascination for me; the reptile house. The variety of their sizes, colours and behaviour were a source of wonder and fantasy for me. Their big, bulging eyes and sleek skin transported me to the age of dinosaurs as I crouched by their cages to get a closer look at them. 
Of course, as well as the animals, the zoo was a place for other special treats. The candy floss, the ice creams and fizzy drinks were the end of a perfect day for a curious child. 
Now, my opinion about zoos has changed. Although life in the wild presents challenges and dangers for all animals, it has to be preferred to being a prisoner in a cage and a money making tool for greedy owners.