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7. 1How long do you live in _?
2. Where did you go in hollday last year?
3. Why do you learn English?
4.How do you travel to school every day?
5.How often do you have tests at school?
  И т.д. в наст. времени при вопросительном предложении используй вспомогательный глагол Do или Does (он, она, оно). В прошедшем времени при вопросе используй вспомогательный глагол Did
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How long do you live in (country)? Where did you go on holiday last year? Why do you learn English? How often do you do tests at school? Who helps you with your homework? How much pocket money do you get a week? How many cities have you visited? What does your family do in the evening? Where will you go on holiday next year?