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- Is your family large?
- My family isn't large. Besides my parents I have an elder sister whose name is Irina. - How old is your sister?
 - She is 19 and she is a student of the institute.
- Tell me a few words about yoursister/
- She 
can play the piano very well but she can't speak English as her friend can.

- How old are you?
- I am Masha. I am 13 and I am a student of the secondary school. I am not very tall but I am not short either.
- What dod you like to do?
-  I like skating and reading. But I can't play chess as my father can.
- What is your mother’s name?
- My mother's name is Inna Vasilievna. She is 39 and she is a nurse in our hospital. My mother is very pretty and kind.
- What does she like to do in her free time?
- She 
can draw very well but she can't play the piano as my Granny and my older sister.
- What is your father’s name?
- My father's name is Ivan Petrovich. He is 42 and he is a driver in the same hospital. My father is very strong and strict.
 - What does she like to do in her free time?

 - He 
likes to play chess but he can't draw as well as our mother can.
 – What ‘s about your granny?

- Our granny doesn't live with us, but she lives not far from our house so I often come to see her on Sundays.

- Are you a close family?
- We are a friendly family and we try to get along with each other and try to discuss our problems and to solve them together.