The well-known film “Titanic” is a disaster movie that represents an epic love story of a 17-year-old aristocrat and a free-spirited boy, who won in cards his third-class ticket. But this beautiful American girl is betrothed to a hateful and rich suitor. It is like the history of “Romeo and Juliet” on the sinking ship that has become the international sensation.The special effects were used in the movie. When you watch the sinking of Titanic during 80 minutes, you are not interested in what is real and what’s generated by computer. You feel the horror of the experienced event, the depths of the thoughtlessness that made this “unsinkable” ship so hurtable to disaster. While the children and women were laded into lifeboats, the passengers of the third class were locked under the deck like animals. Cameron makes a horrifying picture of chaos with the images of the deck uprising perpendicular to the water, the ship snapping in half as well as the passengers slipping off the giant propellers of the ship into the freezing water of the ocean.However, the stage center in the movie is occupied by the strong love between the unhappy girl Rose and the openhearted, sanguine artist Jack. Is it the love story Cameron so deliriously intended to create? Not quite. Visually, the lovers don’t fit together: Kate Winslet looks womanly next to boyish beauty of DiCaprio. And once the disaster is at its height, their individual destinies become overwhelmed by the common horror. At least, our hearts missed a beat once these young lovers were surrounded by frozen floating corpses.Finally, it stands to mention that Cameron could create an old-fashioned movie which was brought up to date with different spectacular modern technologies.
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Who is this film about? what do people usually feel watching this film? what happened to Titanic? what were the names of the main characters? who is a producer of this movie?