Нужно из этих слов составить вопрос :
1. today, why, given, Chales, his new phone number, husn't, you
2. stories, ever, you, read, by, have, Mark Twain
3. Kate, cooked, yet, why, hasn't, dinner
4. France, they, to, been, ever, have
5. already, seen, the new, you, performance, have
6. hasn't, this door, lately, locked, who
7. book, taken, lately, you, whose, have
8. China, Sue, been, ever, to, has
9. hasn't, turned off, this morning, why, Alice, the light


Ответы и объяснения

1.why you husn`t given his new phone number Chales today?
2.have you ever read stories by Mark Twain?
3.why Kate hasn`t cooked dinner?
4.have they ever been to France?(не точно.)
5.have you already seen the new performance?
6.who hasn`t locked this door lately?
7.Sue has been to China?
8.why Alice hasn`t turned off the ligth this morning?