Fill in the blanks with appropriate words where it is necessary

1)I would like to invite my British pen friend ..... Moscow

2)I propose ..... that he comes .... 15 days .... May

3)I"ll be responsible ... the educational and social programmes

4)He"ll stay ...my family

5)I hope he won"t miss ... his family ... his stay ...Moscow


Ответы и объяснения

Заполните пробелы с соответствующими словами, где необходимо
1) Я хотел бы пригласить мой британский друг пера ..... Москва
2) Я предлагаю ..... что он приходит .... 15 дней .... может
3) Я "LL нести ответственность ... образовательных и социальных программ
4) Он "останусь ... моя семья
5) Я надеюсь, что он выиграл "т пропустите ... его семьи ... своего пребывания ... Москва
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The employees of this factory are fighting for higher wages. Hurry up. It`ll take us ages to get there if you hang about/around. Since Father has taken up photography, the walls of our flat are hung with the fruit of this hobby. Frankly speaking, we`ve been wondering how to get rid of some of them without hurting his feelings. The boy is eager for the progress in his studies and is always one of the first to answer a question or to hand in a paper. Before coming to a decision, I`d like you to clear the matter with the head manager. If we set out/off at once, we`ll arrive at their place just in time for the party. Not every old tradition should be kept up.