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                   ЗООПАРК ЛИМПОПО                              *Zoo of Limpipo*

In Sormovsky park of Nizhni Novgorod, from the Moscow area, grows and actively the small country under the name "Limpopo" develops. Animals and birds from every corner of the globe – about 600 representatives of fauna occupy the country. Except a zoo where any visitor can get acquainted with more, than 160 kinds animal - mammals, birds and fishes, - which in the nature never would gather in one place and haven't appeared before eyes of the person, in the country Limpopo there are cozy cafes for adults and children, and also dizzy attractions.
In spite of the fact that the country history "Limpopo" has begun more recently – it was based in 2003 by Vladimir Gerasichkin, is a place became the present center of gravity for нижегородцев and inhabitants of all region. A zoo symbol is the owl, wise берегиня night wood, after all its occurrence and became a harbinger of creation of the state in the state, namely – the countries "Limpopo" in Nizhni Novgorod. This bird Vladimir Gerasichkin has beaten off in due time a raven at flight, has cured, left and, as to return an owl in habitat it was already impossible, has constructed for it an open-air cage and has lodged in territory of the cafe. But long to be in loneliness to an owl it was not necessary, because soon to Vladimir Gerasichkinu have brought six бельчат which in a hollow of the tumbled down tree were found by woodcutters. A bit later the company to pupils was made by a wolf of Norman, выбракованный in Kostroma circus and brought to Nizhni Novgorod. After that there was no place to recede already – so in Nizhni Novgorod there was a private zoo first in Russia.