Помогите плиз написать сочинение на английском) тема такая, надо написать про еду, какая вредная есть еда, какой едой кормят в школьных столовках, в колледжах и тд..на англ.)

сколько слов? большое или нет??
ну вообще 150 слов надо))

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Everybody have to eat to live. No one can live without food. That's why people invent new recepes. We like eat delisious food but if you are hungry, you can eat even awful food. people eat not only at home. We eat in the school, our parents eat at work. Sometimes we go to school with sandwiches and juice and sometimes eat in school cafeteria. I don't like school food because it is not delicious. Other students like it but I hate school food! I prefer eating in a cafe or at home. My favourite meal is soup with meat. And I like cooking cakes. It's so exiting and I hope that I can to lear more recepes.
Если не такая лексика, то извините, я в 9 классе