Нужно написать письмо учительнице по почте на тему "The influence of сomputer"


Ответы и объяснения

Computers and technologies in general are the main part of our life. Technological development has given people more leisure time than they used to have. And some people can use this superiority (преимущество) and others unfortunately can't.
I want to start with good things. First of all computers help us with our work. Today we can keep there a lot of important information. We can use computers for operating something. Also we have an opportunity to communicate with our friends or relatives on distance. And it's really great!
But at the same time there are some disadvantages. A great number of young people, students have a dependence. It's like a drug. They chat all the time or play computer games. There is no live communication. We don't meet with our friends and we don't spend time together.
So to sum up I want to say that we don't have to waste our life in front of computer screen. Need more meeting outside, more friends, smiles, more gladness, more real live communication. And your life will be bright and full of events)