помогите срочно:
Insert to before
the infinitive where necessary

I was the first … notice that.
If a new government emerges in Burma, it
must …work with leaders of the country’s minorities.

In a very simple format, the
chart indicates where the problems are likely … lie.
I don’t know the answer ; I
will have … look it up.
He was heard … mention his
mother’s name several times.
She daren’t … tell her father
what happened.
Don’t be afraid … ask questions
My daughter helped me … clean
the place up
I had John … find me the
address of the house
Would your rather … go to the
theatre or …stay at home ?
You will never feel you know
all there is … know about a foreign country.
Let him … do what he like, I
don’t care.
If you don’t … do it willingly ,
I’ll make you …do it.
I often hear them… sing while
they are working
They made her … put on the
brightest pea-green dress in her wardrobe.
She stepped aside as if … let
the young man … have the floor.


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