11. I haven’t got …. money with me .

a) any
b) some c) something d) no

12. Kennedy …. the president of the USA.

a) were
b) was c) did d) had

13. my parents …. in 1960

a) meet b) meeting c) met d) meeted

14. What time …… Maria come home yesterday ?

a) does
b) had c) – d) did

15. This car is ….. than the other one.

a) cheap
b) cheaper c) the cheapest d) the most cheap

16. He …. at the moment .

a) sleep
b) sleeps c) slept d) is sleeping

17. I …… my arm three times in my life .

a) have broken b) had broken c) broke d) break

18. I've forgotten my …. at home , so I can't for this.

a) glasses
b) wallet c) brush d) diary

19. Most British people live in houses , not

a) laws
b) squares c) flats d) meals

20. Buses are very …. in the morning , so I
prefer walking to work.

a) crowded
b) flying c) occasionally d) stuck


Ответы и объяснения

11 a)     12 b)       13 c)        14 d)        15 b)       16 d)        17 a)        18 b)    19 c)         20 a)