26. Open the brackets and complete the sentences.

1. If the patient doesn't get better, he'll have to go to (—/the) hospital. 2. What's on (—/the) television
tonight? 3. Would you like to go to (—/the) university with me to listen to Mr
Robertson's lec­ture? 4. I've just heard on (—/the) radio that Russian
cosmonauts are in (—/the) space. 5. My father started learning English when he
was at (—/the) school. 6. The king's orders were to take the young man to (—/the)
prison. 7. Mother was very angry when she found our cat Milly sleeping on
(—/the) bed. 8. (—/the) space between the wall and the table is not enough for
this big grandfather' clock. 9. Dr Clark works in (—/the) hospital where I
spent three weeks last year. 10. We thought it would be nice to take our
English friends to (—/the) new
Church of Christ
the Saviour.1


Ответы и объяснения

1. The
2. The
3. -
4. The
5. -
6. The
7. The
7. The
8. The
9. -
10. The