Complete the dialogue with questions tags.
A: Can you turn the radio down? It's a bit loud, isn't it?
B: You just don't like rap, 1______ ?
A: It depends. You saw that charity concert on TV last night, 2______ ?
B: Yeah. It was great, 3______ ?
A: I didn't like some of those old rock bands. I mean they're ancient, 4_______ ?
B: I suppose so. But what about Ms Dynamite? She's not old, 5________ ?
A: No, and she can really sing,6 _______ ?
B: That's true. It'd be great to see her live, 7_______ ?
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Ответы и объяснения

1 do you?
2 did not you?
3 was not it?
4 aren't they?
5 is she?
6 doesn't she?
7 wouldn't it?