1. Have you ever been on a diet?
2. Why did you start a diet?
3. Did you try to lose or to gain weight?
4. What did you eat?
5. What food did you have to give up to lose weight?
6. Was it a positive or a negative experience?
7. Did it work?
8. Did the weight come back after you finished your diet?

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1.       Yes, I was on a diet.
2.       I started a diet because I wanted to be in a good shape.
3.       I tried to lose weight and I did it!
4.       I ate only vegetables and fish.
5.       I drunk much water and I did not eat sweets and fried food at all.
6.       It was a good experience, but it was very difficult.
7.       No, the weight does not come back, because I do sport and follow the healthy food.