Match the questions and the answers.

1.You are in the fifth form,aren't you?

2.He isn't from scotland,is he?

3.They must work hard,mustn't they?

4.Yesterday Steven met a group of Russian students'didn't he?

5.We won't go abroad this summer,will we?

6.She was nervous in the lesson,wasn't she?

7.Pam couldn't stay after the lesdons,could she?

a)No,he didn't.

b)Yes,she was.

c)No, she couldn't .

d)No ,he isn't.

e)Yes, they must.

f)No,we won't.

g)Yes, I am.

Оебята помогите плииз а то завтра нужно сдать


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1 - g
2 - d
3 - e
4 - a
5 - f
6 - b
7 - c