Помогите пожалуйста,если сможете)
Ask people to help you in these situations
Example:You can`t hear what the teacher is saying very well-Could you speak louder,please?
1-You don`t know what this word means
2-You can`t find your pen to write down a word
3-You want to know the time
4-You didn`t understand what your partner said
5-You want to leave a message for your friend


Ответы и объяснения

1-Could you tell me what this word means?
2-Could you give me your pen to write down a word?
3-Could you tell me the time?
4-Could you please repeat what you said?
5-Could you help me to leave a message for my friend?
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Спасибо большое)))
вроде правильный)
а то у меня сегодня тест,а я не знаю это задание))))Но все равно,большое спасибо))Ты мне очень помогла))