Уявіть, що ви Персі Спенсер. Через три хвилини напиisnm, як ви винайшли мікрохвильову піч і як Ви почувалися
є вже щось?

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One day I was testing the emitter of ultrahigh-frequency waves, constructed by me, intended for air defense radar.
It was late afternoon, and I decided to eat. Putting my hand in the pocket, I  was astonished to find instead of a chocolate bar a paste. It appeared that the waves heated up the bar. Corn, located by me before the radiating antenna, instantly turned into a popcorn. Meanwhile the egg, subjected to irradiation with capacity of 10 kW, even exploded! However, its content did not spray over me, because I cleverly hid behind the backs of colleagues, who I invited to a demonstration of wonderful properties of microwaves. Well, I said to myself: Percy, you did a fine gob! You invented a great helper in the kitchen!! All housewives are going to be very happy!!! How about me? Yes. I feel quite pleased, very pleased...)