Предложения с словами stick,hurt,knit,obviously,belong,deg,hurry,truth,tailor,still,throw,hope,desk,rise,steal, onfurtunately,loudly...Намного длинные предложения пожалуста...помогите плиз


Ответы и объяснения

1)I stick to my point of view.2)I had severe hurt in the leg 3)My grandmother knits gloves 4)My friend obviously was right 5)This car belongs to my father 6)The outside temperature dropped to 1 degree 7)My parents told me to hurry up 8)The truth is always better than a lie 9)I asked the tailor to make me a new dress 10)I was still very cold 11)she threw a vase of flowers on floor 12)It is hoped that this will not happen again 13)This desk-oldest thing in the house 14)She rose a little higher into the clouds 15) He stole an apple from the shop counter 16)Unfortunately by the end of the day they ended up ammunition 17)All was quiet when suddenly someone shouted loudly