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Put the verb in
brackets into the Past Indefinite, the
Past Continuous, the Past Perfect and the Past Perfect Continuous.

1. Nobody (know) where Smith (go).

2. How your chief (find out) that you (come) to work late?

3. A girl who (stand) under the beech
tree (come) up to us.

4. He told me that his aunt (live) with them for three

5. He (work) there some time when that dreadful accident (happen).

6. He told us they (live) in this district since they (leave) Paris.

7. The discovery of the art of writing (enable) the Ancient Egyptians to

what their ancestors (do)
before them.

8. They (walk) in the garden for an hour when the storm broke out.

9. Mary (speak) to Mr Boxwell when I (see) her in the corridor this
10. I (leave) my house yesterday in a hurry, but I (not/go) far before I
(discover) that

it (be) going to rain and I
(leave) my umbrella at home.

11. John (park) the car in Fifth
Avenue when a young man in black glasses (appear)

nowhere and
(stand) before him.

12 The young girl who (look) at me ever since I had come into the room,

rose and left.

13. I knew right away that that was the place I (look for) all my life.

14. While we (talk), there (come) a
loud knock at the door.

15. By that time the twins already (sleep) for two


Ответы и объяснения

1 Knew , had gone 
2found out, came 
33was standing,  came 
5worked , had happened 
6lived , had left
7enabled , had done
8 had been working
9was speaking, saw
10 discovered , didnt go, had discovered 
11was parking , appeared 
12was looking
13 was looking for
14were talking, came 
15had already been sleeping