Write an e-mail to find a friend. Follow the plan.
1. Introduction: name, age, city/town/country
2. family
3. sports,hobbies,favourite star


Ответы и объяснения

1My name is Miley, Im 16, im from Kazakhstan.
2 I have a two brothers, little sister, mom and dad. We are a very friendly family!
3 I I swim in my spare time, I go on vocals, my favorite actor pevey and it's Michael Jackson!
4 I'm very kind and sympathetic girl.I would really like to have a good friend or girlfriend!
там в 3ем слово perey не пиши эт не правильно
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My name is Arina.I'm 15.And i am from Russia,Krasnodar.
I have a sister.Her name is Vika.We are the best friend
!Our family is very big.I like it!
In my free time I like reading book and watching movies.My favorite star is Troian Every Bellisario.She is perfect!
I like my life.My fiends and relatives make me happy.I am the luckiest girl on the world!